PushOn: Pre-placement and Day One

This is my first blog post and it is about my experience at PushOn. I am in year ten and currently out on my work experience. For my work experience I am spending a week at PushOn which is a company specializing in marketing/ web design. I am very interested in social media and sports marketing so I thought this would be an excellent placement for me.

I remained in contact with the management director before the placement. He requested that I put together a CV. At fourteen years old this was a difficult task as I hadn’t worked anywhere or received any qualifications. Nevertheless I did my best and emailed it. As I had expected, it wasn’t good enough. I needed to add more detail and evidence my business skills. I re-drafted my CV and tried to do everything that he had told me to. This time it was good enough. Around a day later I was told that as part of my interview he would like me to create a presentation about social media and how people my age group use it. This was a much easier task for me compared to the CV. I started by listing all the forms of social media people my age use. I then went on to explain why we used them e.t.c and then I did a small section about social media that has been phased out and also social gaming. I presented this in the interview and it went very well along with the rest of the interview. I was told that the only thing I could have done to improve would be to back up my points with facts, figures and some of my own research. So I found some research conducted by people at Mintel, Warc e.t.c. I then used this as a comparison to some surveys that I had conducted among my peers.

My first day at PushOn was on January 11th. I was told I would be working 10am to 5pm. I got there a bit earlier to make a good impression. I arrived at 9:45 and their office manager gave me a very short induction. I then put my lunch in the fridge and it was go time. I was introduced to everyone on the marketing team and some people in client services e.t.c. Jonny (the marketing team leader who I would be doing most of my work with) told me that I would be doing blog work today.

Firstly, I had to research some blogging platforms that I would use to create mine on. This was a very difficult process as there were lots of excellent choices. I started off by doing a simple search on google for ‘best free blogging platforms.’ This came up with a website called http://www.websitebuildertop10.com. It ranked the platforms on their templates, features, value and overall score on their website. The top website was Sitebuilder so I made a note of that. I then went onto another website called thenextweb.com and found a review of the top 18 blogging sites. I instantly recognized the second one as my Dad and many of the people I was working with used it. There were many positive reviews about it as well so that was a website that I was definitely considering. The other platform I was considering had been recommended by some of the other people in my office and it was called ‘Blogger.com.’ I had narrowed it down to three. I decided to rule out Sitebuilder as I had never heard anything about it other than on this website. In the end I made the choice to go with WordPress as I knew many people that used it and it was known for being simple so would be great for a beginner in the blogging world.

I set up my wordpress account and the next step was to think of a name. I wanted my blog to be about social media whilst also having a section about sports. This was another difficult task so I decided to ask my Dad (as he runs a blog) and some of my friends. We came up with the idea of eSports. However, eSports was taken so I had to use eSports1404 (14/04 is my birthday).

At twelve o’clock everyone went to eat lunch. After everyone had eaten a few of us sat down in the lounge to have a game of FIFA 16 on the PS4. I played on a team with Daryl against Tunde and Alex. We lost the first game, drew the second and won the third.

Once the blog was named ,and I had played some FIFA, I had to do some customizing so that I could give it the look I wanted. I used some other blogs for inspiration and decided I wanted a theme picture along the top and some drop down menus with different sections. I was given help with how to do this by some members of the PushOn team as well as watching some video tutorials. Then I encountered a slight problem as the menu that I was setting up wasn’t saving my changes. I tried to fix this but couldn’t quite find the solution. After working on the same problem for almost two hours I decided that I needed to try a different task to clear my head. I asked Jonny if I could start writing my first blog post and attempt the menu problem again at home. He said that was a good idea so I started to write about what I had done so far in that day. I continued with this until it was time for me to leave and in the end got a lot of work done on this first post.

Overall my first day at PushOn was informative, interesting and fun. I will do at least one more post about my time here by the end of the week.

Hope you enjoyed reading.



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